One unified process for all workations

Maximize the positive impact of workations, without the hassle.

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Impact after a workation

84%84% felt more productive and creative at work after a workation
84%is more satisfied with their job after a workation
69%is less likely to quit their job after a workation

The Problem

The internal processes for workations are not optimized.
As a result, the full potential of workations are not leveraged by organisations

Lack of a centralised overview of employees being abroad

There's no analysis of the impact of workations

Lack of guidance for employees

Scale-ups fail to implement systematic workflows

No overview of compliance and legal risks

Employees lack appropriate insurance when working from foreign countries

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One consistent & smart approach for all workations

Tackle all these obstacles to amplify the benefits of workations for your team members.

Gain more insight

Stay informed about your team's location, and understand the impact of their workation on the team.

Gain more control

Synchronized Travel Policies facilitate efficient application reviews and strict compliance.

Provide clarity

WorkTravels enables transparency for your team and provides control and insight for managers


Discover other powerful features

Integrate with your existing HR suite

Incorporate workation management into your routine, as WorkTravels ensures a smooth sync of holiday days and staff data.

Be insured against legal risks

We keep a keen eye on your legal risks overseas. If an unexpected event occurs, we manage it, and you're covered for the costs.

Guarantee productive workations

Ensure maximum workation impact for your organisation, supported by our carefully selected network of workation partners.

Enhance the effect of your organisation's workations, hassle-free


How WorkTravels works

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First Step

Employees consider workations along with family visits, vacations, or escaping cold winters...

Schedule a demo
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Tweede Stap

... Following the Travel Policy, the employee submits a request, evaluated by the manager...

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Third Step

... WorkTravels scans the request for legal risks automatically...

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Fourth Step

.... The HR Manager evaluates the request considering legal risks and vacation days...

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Fifth Step

... WorkTravels prepares the employee for the upcoming workation for optimal effect.

Schedule a demo

Enhance the effect of workations, hassle-free

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