employees working from abroad

All in one software that handles legal compliance, insurance
and team coordination for employees on workation.

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What is a workation?

'A workation combines remote work and travel, allowing
employees to be productive from a fresh location.'

Workation Benefits

Problems we're solving

Systematic Workflows:

Confusion, inefficiencies and misunderstandings will occur without clear and consistent work processes for managing workations.

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Compliance and Legal Risks:

Complications will arise if legal requirements and insurance needs are overlooked when employees work abroad.

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Workation Impact:

Missed benefits and unrealized potential will result from not understanding how workations affect the company.

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Employee Guidance:

Feeling lost or unsure during workations will affect productivity and overall job satisfaction.

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Centralized Overview:

Things can become disorganized quickly if there's no unified way to see who is where, until when and what the impact on their team is.

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Our Proprietary Technology

Compliance, Hassle Free

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Make workations easy

50+ HR Suite IntegrationsStreamline workation management with WorkTravels, effortlessly syncing holiday and staff data.
Real Time Visa & Safety Tool Provide employees with a convenient way to examine Visa criteria & safety risks for their next trip.
Effortless Flight Booking for EmployeesProvide employees with a simple way to book their next trip with our efficient flight booking service.
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