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Welcome to the WorkTravels Blog, where we delve into the multifaceted world of workation. As the future of work continues to evolve, so do the challenges and opportunities that come with it. That's why we've created this blog as your go-to resource for everything you need to know about workation, from insurance and compliancy to productivity and remote work destinations. We also explore real-world use cases, HR policies, and the impact of workation on retaining talent, attracting new employees, and avoiding burnouts.

Find the Perfect Workation Packages for Remote Work and Leisure

Published by Beer Zoomers on
Find the Perfect Workation Packages for Remote Work and LeisureImagine yourself being productive while working remotely, with exciting plans for a fun excursion to immerse yourself in the local culture. And the best part? You had already selected the perfect workation package that suited... Read More

Tips for staying productive while traveling: 5 practical strategies

Published by Beer Zoomers on
Tips for staying productive while traveling: 5 practical strategiesWhen making plans for a new destination to travel to and work remotely from, discover practical strategies for maintaining productivity as a remote worker or digital nomad. Learn how to create a travel-friendly office, se... Read More

Cape Town Remote Work Guide: where penguins might just join your Zoom call.

Published by Beer Zoomers on
Group of people socializing with Table Mountain in the background, Cape Town.
Cape Town: where your coffee breaks come with mountain views and your after-work strolls are on penguin-populated beaches. This city, cradled between the waves and the peaks, is the workation dream you didn't know you had. When the laptop closes, the adventure begins. There's a buffet of cool stu... Read More
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