South Africa

Work, Explore, and Unwind in South Africa's Gem

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Our Specialty:
Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town flaunts pristine beaches and majestic mountains. Iconic Table Mountain and lively beaches like Clifton offer varied experiences.

Cultural Mosair

The city boasts a rich, diverse heritage. Vibrant neighborhoods like Bo-Kaap and numerous museums narrate its cultural tapestry.

Gastronomic Delights:

Cape Town is a culinary haven with a spectrum of flavors. Nearby Winelands offer an array of superb wines.

Adventure Hub:

The city is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Its landscapes and favorable climate fuel adrenaline-pumping experiences.


Premium Accommodation

Expect premium accommodations to be of the same quality or higher.


Standard Accommodation

Expect standard accommodations to be of the same quality or higher.


Coworking Spaces

Expect coworking spaces to be of the same quality or higher.



Each package is tailored to fit diverse tastes,
guaranteeing a memorable and productive workation adventure.


Starting From:

€400Per Week
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$150per seat per year
  • Included:
  • Flight
  • Airport transfer
  • 3 Star accommodation
  • Co-working Space
  • Local contact person
  • Add additional services

Starting From:

€600Per Week
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$450per seat per year
  • Included:
  • Flight
  • Airport Transfers
  • 4 Star Accommodation
  • Co-working Space
  • Local contact person
  • 2 Excursions
  • Add additional services

Optional Services:

Airport Transfer
Local SIM Card
Cultural Excursions
Language Classes
Car Rental
Gym Membership
Yoga Courses
Childcare Services
Second Screen
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''From Amsterdam, the idea of a Cape Town workation was overwhelming. With worktravels' Standard package, it became effortless. Now, I balance work and Cape Town's charm seamlessly.''
Julia,Marketing Director at Thuisbezorgd

Workation Bliss

Why South Africa? A Workation Paradise

Start your day with Table Mountain views and end it on a beach. Cape Town offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and safety, making it the perfect backdrop for your workation.

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''Cape Town has been a revelation for me. The coworking spaces are top-notch, and the natural beauty is just the reset button I needed for my work-life balance.''
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JasperDigital Marketing Specialist, Philips


Postcards from Paradise

Living the Cape Dream: Sophie's Experience

Worktravels made my Cape Town adventure seamless with their Standard package. From top-notch coworking spaces to experiencing the local culture, everything was taken care of. A journey I'd recommend to anyone.
SophieProject Manager at Philips

The Luxurious Getaway: Eva's Take

Our workation was elevated to a whole new level with worktravels' Premium package. Every detail, from luxury accommodations to curated activities, was meticulously planned. A blend of work and relaxation that's hard to beat.
EvaMarketing Director at Heineken

Unleashing Creativity: Jasper's Journey

Opting for the Premium package via worktravels turned out to be a brilliant choice. The luxury stays, combined with enriching team activities like wine tasting, fostered creativity and team unity. We came back not just refreshed, but also more bonded as a unit.
Jasper Chief Technology Officer at ASML

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